My Opinion on Current Music


Ahh, music is so liberating. When you’re feeling down, tired, stressed or whatever generic negative emotion happens to ail you, you pop on some music and you forget all the bad stuff. It’s like legal drugs for your ears. Except Justin Bieber and Nicki Minaj. Both make my ears bleed.

And the music industry is booming as well. You’ve got all sorts of musicians from bands like Coldplay to solo singers like K’naan.

But there’s a disadvantage of a booming music industry. The larger it gets the more it tries to copy our culture. Which basically means random bullshit, sex and drugs. Want proof?

PPAP,Gangnam Style-Random Bullshit

Closer, Sorry and a bunch of others-Sex

Drugs is also a common topic. Its getting a bit monotonous lately. Songs like ‘Something Just Like This’ or ‘500 miles’ really break this boring cycle of songs about sex and drugs. It’s really refreshing. But currently good¬†songs which are not related to the said topics are coming out.

And love songs are getting repetitive. Metal songs aswell. What we really need right now is some innovations in music.

Yeah I basically dedicated a whole post for incessant complaing about current music.


How Things Work In My Brain

Everyone has a way of making their decisions. Scientifically it’s just our neutrons transferring electrical signals to each other. But in reality the decision making process is completely different in people.

When I’m about to make a decision, two voices in my head have a long discussion before I make the decision. Yeah, two voices in my head. Tell me I’m not crazy. And it’s not like both of the two of those voices are really smart or something. One makes smart arguments the other one make completely nonsensical, bullshit arguments. I call those voices Smartass and Dickhead (you can guess who’s Smartass and who’s Dickhead).

Now comes the question: Am I batshit crazy? Seriously of all the people who will read this post does anyone have a weird decision making habit? If so, please tell.

Suppose my mom asks me if want to go to the water park or a major theme park, this sort of discussion will follow in my brain:

Smartass- Lets go to the theme park!

Dickhead-  No I wanna go to the water park!

Smartass- Why? You’ve been to the water park like a thousand times aren’t you bored? And anyways it’s Autumn, the water park will be cold as ice. Apparently, the body doesn’t like it when it jumps into freezing water.

Dickhead- I don’t fucking care you piece of shit! I wanna go to the water park, NOW.

Smartass- But why?

Dickhead- Because I like water. And I also like parks.

Smartass- <Mutters to himself> Why did have to get stuck with this retard?

Dickhead- I heard that. We’re part of the same brain you know.

Smartass- Listen here you piece of shit, we’re going to the theme park!


Smartass- No!

Dickhead- Yes!

<Me in real life, saying this to my mom>- Uh, mom?  I don’t really care where I go.