What Am I?

What am I?

I am a human. The product of millions of years of evolution. I’m the descendant of a of a long line of anscestors. I am the latest organism of my genetic line created by the harsh environment. I am superior to my predecessors and yet inferior to my successors. I am the part of the generation on which the world’s hope rests. I am the force that strives towards the future.

What am I?

I am a student. An empty mind waiting to be filled with knowledge. I am someone easily influenced, hardly knowledgeable. I am soft clay, shaped by my environment. I am curious. I am eager. I am extraordinary.

What am I?

I am a biological machine, part of a greater society. I am a worker. I am what drives this world forward. I strive for success. I crave for achievement.

What am I?

I am a collection of atoms, forged in a distant star, carried by a comet. I am part of the ever growing universe. I am the soul which exists between both space and time. I am bound to nothing, and attached to everything. I am the truth of this universe.

What am I?

I am strong. I am pure. I am true. I am life itself. I am an unstoppable force and a caring gesture. I am full of energy yet so mellow. I see nothingness but I shape everything.

What am I?

I am a person who gazes at the stars and wonders: “What am I?”



Imagine yourself. Just yourself. Imagine every cell making up your tissues. Imagine every tissue making up your organs. Imagine all the organs that make up you. Now imagine every single atom which has come together to form each and every cell, tissue and organ. 

Now imagine yourself again. Imagine your mom, only younger. Imagine your dad, only younger. Imagine your grandparents, the generation before them, the generation before them as well. Imagine their lives, their youth, their age, their face. Imagine how they met each other and from the how the next generation sprung up. Keep on imagining. Now go farther through time. Imagine our earliest ancestors. Primates, monkeys, Neanderthals whatever you know them as. Imagine how they lived, the point of their existence.

Now go back even farther, to the age of beasts. When gigantic creatures roamed the earth, when weird plants grew on a foreign soil, when nature was just stretching it’s legs. Now imagine those very chain reactions which lead to the earth being what it is now. Tectonic plates, evolution, rotation of the moon: all of it.

Go back even farther. When the universe as we know it was just a baby. When the earth and everything now on it were just scrambled molecules, forged in a distant far away sun, floating about aimlessly. Those very molecules make you up now. Your very cells are made of those star-forged molecules. So go do something useful with these molecules. Give them an aim, as they now hold your consciousness.