´╗┐This is happening too much

After a long hiatus I’ve decided to return to the blogosphere. Oh, just in case someone’s keeping count my New Years resolution was to post more often. Got that bagged. Now for some reasons as for why I haven’t been posting. Laziness, forgetfulness and a total neglect towards all thing social have resulted in the complete abandonment of this site I call a blog. As if that wasn’t obvious.

My writing style has changed a bit if you’ve noticed. Apparently so has my personality. I think writing style is directly proportional to personality. Atleast a new season of Doctor Who is coming out this April so that will break me out of my permenant existensial crisis which gnaws at my soul constantly.

So I’d like to see this post as a new beginning for my blog. I will also be scrapping all my previous projects including the stories. 

Now, piss off.

Not really.