Songs you need to hear RIGHT NOW

Like, right now. I don’t care what mood you are in, neither do I care if you’ve heard them before,hear these songs/tunes right now and you’ll get an eargasm:

1. We Will Rock You by Queen

2.I Am The Doctor by Murray Gold (this isn’t really a song, but it’s still music)

3.Demons by Imagine Dragons (It’s where demons hide, it’s where demons hide,this never gets old)

4. It’s Time by Imagine Dragons

5. Rap God by Eminem (only if you like raps)

6. Like a Dog Chasing Cars by Has Zimmer

7. Bad Blood by Talyor Swift

8. Gangam Style by PSI



Fashion Isn’t That Useful

I don’t think fashion is that useful. (See, I’m being diplomatic here, if say fashion is completely useless many people will probably get offended).

I’ll  give my arguments in points here, to prove that fashion isn’t really important to us.

1st Point- First of all what’s the point of fashion? Fashion, is to make us as human beings look good in front of other human beings. Well that’s all well and done. But people are taking this to another level, in a bad way. People are creating absolutely fucked up (I will be swearing a lot in this) “artistic fashion” which consists of people wearing improper, bordering on insane clothing. Something like this :

And this costs £560. Yes that much (If you want it in dollars, go to hell). Fashion, in this fashion(heh) is pointless. This shit isn’t art neither it is useful to the human race. Where are the godamn arm holes in this thing? What if that model falls? There are even more such examples, which I won’t give. So in conclusion of this point, certain fashions are degenerative and plainly stupid and that’s why they are useless.

2nd Point- Fashion hasn’t really contributed to the human race except in helping the economy. Seriously. Some might say, well the clothes you are wearing is created due to fashion. No it’s not. It’s made because of tailors who made the shirt. The fashion part of it is in the design and not the function. All useful features in all clothes comes from either science or plain creativity. Fashion only consists of giving the clothes we wear a nice look and thats it. So in conclusion, fashion hasn’t really contributed in the advancement of technology present in our clothing.

3d Point- Some fashion brands are rip-offs. The same shirt they sell for $30 can be found at your local store at $10. This is a well known fact but people still buy the big brands. Are people stupid? No, they just want to show off. So in conclusion, big brands rip us off in the name of “fashion”, therefore fashion is being utilised as a way of emptying our already empty wallets. Fuck you.United Colors of Benneton.

That’s about it. If you wanna say something comment below.

My First Post

Right. I was thinking about naming my first post something other than “my first post” but as you can see I’ve proceeded to name it just that. So I’m a boy called Rayan. Hi. I’m 14 years old. If my friends were to describe me in three words, they would say “Oh, Rayan? He’s batshit crazy. Also he’s ridiculously funny. Stay away from him, for your own good.” And that’s when you tell them to describe me in THREE words. I won’t be posting any pictures of my self (to keep you ladies guessing *wink wink* ) and if I post something  that offends you, I frankly don’t care. In this blog you can expect me to speak my mind on every topic that comes across my mind, including the stupid ones. I also suck at ending posts. Seriously I suck at endings and I have absolutely no idea how end this one.