2016/2017 Tag 

Wassup. Look,I’ll work on the story after this post. Let’s begin with what this tag actually is. It’s been created by David (nice way to promote your blog by the way, don’t mind if I borrow this) and it’s essentially about how your 2016 went and your hopes for 2017. As always, Alyssa tagged me for this. I aggressively suggest you check both of their blogs out. Let’s pop along with the post then.

Mention the creator of the tag.

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Answer the questions.

Nominate 9 other bloggers/friends and let them know.

Question 1-  Describe 2016 in 3 words.

Just. Fuck. Off

Seriously. 2016 was a bad (if not the worst) year in my life.

Question 2- Name two people who’ve charectarized your 2016?

Ans. This a lot of people. Both fictional and non-fictional. I’ll just tell you my favourite ones and list the others. Firstly, The Doctor has charectarized my 2016 because I literally spent  the whole year for that one  Doctor Who episode which made my 2016 a bit better.

And my history teacher. She is the one of the few people who make school bearable.

Others include-Eren Yeager, Sherlock Holmes, my Mom,Carrie Fisher and more.

Question 3-  Write the most beautiful place you’ve visited in 2016 and tell me why you liked it so much?

Well in the summer I visited a really hilly region in my country and at one point while we were hiking we reached the top of the hill to discover a beautiful view of the area. Felt like a bird there. 

Question 4- Write the most delicious food you’ve tasted in 2016.

Beef tenderloin with a creme of mushroom sauce.

Questions 5 – Write an event which has marked more of your 2016.

Look. If my grandchildren will ask me this question I would politely told them to fuck off because 2016 wasn’t a good year and the events which occurred in it were bad and short and in a great frequency. No event marked nothing of my 2016.

Question 6- What’s the finest purchase you’ve made in 2016?

I dunno if this counts as ‘fine’ but I got a mountain bike. I like it a lot. 

Question 7- Write 3  good intentions for 2017

1) Try to get rid of my procrastination. (Maybe next year)

2) Get rid of any toxic friends I have.

3) Stop my self from getting rid of too many things.

Question-8 Write one place you wanna visit in 2017.

Well I really wanna go to the comic con happening in my city in 2017, because I missed the 2016 one. I’ve never been to a comic con yet so I feel detached from pop culture in an isolated island of self deprivation.

Question-9 Name one plate/food you want to eat in 2017.

Calamari. Never had it before. People say it’s nice . Other people say it’s an acquired tast. I really want to eat something nice so I can aquire some taste.


Shit. I only have one person to nominate. Everyone else is either nominated or their blog is unsuitable for this post. So if you wanna get in on this, please do. And Aryama consider yourself nominated.

Peace peace.


3 Days 3 Quotes: Day 2

Righty-o, here is the quote for day two. I invited my self into this challenge from Alyssa’s blog. You have a right to check it out. Here are the rules for the said challenge:

  • Show the challenge on your blog.
  • Thank your nominator.
  • Pick a favorite quote, explain what it means and tell your readers why you chose that quote.
  • Nominate people for every post
  • Post the challenge once a day for 3 days and include one quote for each post.


This is a pretty famous quote from  Einstein. I picked this quote because it matches me very well because

a) I’ve made a lot of mistakes, and this quote sort of gives me an excuse

b) I love doing new things.

When you look at it properly, its quite a beautiful quote. It encourages you to go out there and do something new.

Sunshine Blogger Award

Huh. 2 months into blogging and already nominated for an award (ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED: AWARD!), well that’s cool. Thanks for nominating me Alyssa (GO TO HER BLOG NOW–>https://alyssarantsaboutstupidshit.wordpress.com) and let’s get this shit started.


-Thank the person who nominated you

-Answer eleven questions sent by the nominee

-Nominate eleven new blogs

-Write eleven new questions

List the rules


1)What’s your most embarrassing memory?

Goddamit. Do I have to? Apparently I do.

When I was a kid (6 years old) I literally peed on my Dad amidst a crowd. We were watching some bird show or something and I really had to pee and I was surrounded by adults. So naturally I peed on the adult I liked most. Funny thing is no one noticed me peeing until I was nearly done. So yeah. I peed on my dad.

2)Coffee or Tea?

Coffee. Rich, Dark coffee.

3) What would you do if you could be invisible for one whole day?

Okay. I admit I will do all those stereotypical things a boy does in anime when he is invisible.

But here’s the non-stereotypical thing I would do. I would literally go to my Maths Teacher’s home and sort of haunt it so she gets scared as fuck. Cruel? Yeah. Creative? Nah. Does she deserve it? FUCK YES.

4) Do you have an annoying catchphrase?

No I don’t…. Mr.Rubatubtub with a mugamubmub! OH THAT WAS SO FUCKING CRINGEY.

5)What is your biggest regret in life so far?

But in all seriousness I have no regrets. All the decisions I have made have led to the life I’m currently leading, which I’m satisfied of.

6) What television show do you plan your day around in order to see it live?

Doctor Who. I plan my day around adventure and mystery. I also want to be a time traveller.

7) If your life was a movie, which actor would play you?

I guess Robert Downey.Jr would play me. The only difference between me and him is I’m introverted and don’t do drugs while he is extroverted and does do drugs. Otherwise we’re similar.

8)If you could choose one superpower, what would it be and why?

I would have the super power of sending my thoughts and ideas and memories to others (any amount of people)and to have a perfect memory. Through this I could manipulate the mind of the masses. I could end wars and strife just by transferring my emotions to people.

Also I would convince my crush to be my girlfriend. (TO ANYONE WHO DIDNT SEE THAT COMING- YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW A TEENAGER’S MIND WORKS)

9)If you inherited or won a million pounds, what would you do with it?

I dunno. Not much. I’d give some of it to my mom and dad the rest I would use to…. I seriously don’t know! I guess I’d use a bit of it for my education. I’d do whatever the fuck I feel like with the rest.

10)Of all your pet-peeves, which is the weirdest?

Well I get really annoyed when someone asks about my pet-peeves.

11)What’s your favorite joke? (the cheesier the better)

But I don’t know any cheesy jokes….

My cat messed up my bed! It’s a CAT-astrophe! (Take my life)


If you are reading this post, consider yourself nominated.


1) If you were in a locked room with Donald Trump, Hitler and Vladmir Putin and you had a gun with one bullet, who would you kill?

2) What is the silliest thing that your are scared of?

3) Who do you like more- Your Mom or Dad?

4) Cheese or Chocolate?

5) Who in this world would you like to meet the most?

6) What has been your most painful experience?

7)  Where is your most favourite place in the world?

8) Dogs or Cats?

9) Which, in your opinion is worse- Pollution or War?

10) Do you like anime? If so which one ?

11) Do you like endings?