Oh, I’m Fifteen Now

Hi. I’m fifteen years old now. No not today. My actually birthday was in, oh, 1st January. I am totally bragging right now. 1st January. Every one begins the year with my birth. DO YOU REALISE MY POWEEEEEEEER?

Now some of you will be like: ” Rayan, I don’t give two fucks about your birthday. But why is there a sudden change in your writing style? It was so mature and sexy yesterday! You sound like a brat right now.”

The answer to that is simple.  I don’t feel mature today. I feel childish and energetic. Personality DOES change writing style. Oh I’m off topic. DID I MENTION MY BIRTHDAY IS ON THE FIRST DAY OF THE NEW YEAR? I DID? WELL IM GONNA MENTION IT AGAIN!


Don’t comment something like “belated happy birthday”, you’re way too late.



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